Senseo Paris French Vanilla Coffee, 16-Count Pods (Pack of 4)

Senseo Paris French Vanilla of 4)

Product Description

Senseo Paris Coffee Pods offers a mild vanilla flavor with a hint of caramel

Product Features

  • Pack of four 3.95-ounce packages, each containing 16 single serving vanilla-flavored coffee pods (64 total pods / 15.8 total ounces)
  • Made from the finest gourmet coffee beans, pre-measured and sealed inside their own filter for maximum freshness
  • Mild vanilla flavor with a hint of caramel; gives a rich, frothy coffee layer with every cup
  • For use with Senseo coffeemakers; virtually drip-free easy disposal
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Customer Reviews

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Warning: highly addictive!, July 8, 2005
esanta "esanta" (San Jose, CA USA)
Senseo recently released several flavored varieties. Having always been partial to hazelnut coffee and being the happy owner of a Senseo coffee maker, I just had to give this new flavor a try. Well, let me tell you... I'm hooked! There is so much rich flavor in this coffee it's hard to believe the drink is calorie-free. It has the complex, subtle, thick texture and flavor of a fat- and carb-laden drink. If you've been worrying lately about the effects of your daily Caramel Macchiato on your waistline (not to mention your wallet) you have to give this coffee a try. It's wonderful and guilt-free! The pods are a little more expensive than regular varieties (the package is the same price but there are slightly fewer pods per bag) but boy is it worth that little extra!

This flavor was all I needed to decide me to buy a second Senseo machine for my office. It's very quiet and doesn't bother my cube neighbors, and it's already paid for itself because I no longer spend a fortune at.

Surprisingly good, August 31, 2005
The Hoff (California)
I absolutely love my Senseo, but the thing I had always been waiting for was options beyond Mild, Medium and Dark Roast coffee. Every now and then I need a different kick from my coffee and until now it wasn't a possibility.

The Vienna Hazelnut variety is quite good for hazelnut flavored coffee. My personal taste typically doesn't leave much room for liking nutty coffees. However, I am forced to make an exception for this one. It doesn't taste fake or cheap like many flavored coffees do. I prefer the other two varieties of Senseo flavored coffee more, but that is not to say that I dislike this variety, it's really quite wonderful.

Best Senseo Pod yet, September 8, 2009
K.A.L. (Wisconsin)
I have tried numerous coffees, pods, and K-cups. Amongst all the coffee pods for the Senseo machine, the Kona blend is by far the richest, tastiest and most complex coffee I have tried. It is simply wonderful. Highly recommended.

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