Proctor -Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle

Proctor -Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle

Proctor -Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle

by Proctor Silex

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  • 1000-watt electric kettle rapidly boils up to 1 quart of water
  • Detachable cord and nonspill spout for graceful serving
  • Immersed heating element; automatic shut off; boil-dry protection
  • Dual water-level indicators; easy-open lid with security lock for safety
  • Measures approximately 9-1/6 by 5 by 7-1/3 inches; 180-day limited warranty
  • Price: $17.35
  • $15.99 List Price
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping on orders over $35
  • Sold by KTC web

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  1. Brand: Proctor Silex
  2. Dimensions: 4.98 x 9.16 x 7.34 inches
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Model number on packaging may be listed as either K2070 or K2070Y. Product is identical.
Customer Reviews
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does the job without blowing the circuit breaker, January 7, 2011
Beesusie "Beesusie" (Chicago)
March 16, 2013
Update. We still love this pot. This has had heavy use; my husband must use it 8 times a day, every day. I've had it a year. The switch just broke. In my previous update that one lasted a year also. I still recommend it, but you should know that if you use it all day long it will last only about a year. I plan to buy another because it only uses ONLY 1000 watts, so it doesn't trip the circuit breaker and IS LIGHT WEIGHT, which is good if you have weak hands or wrists.

Now I have had this pot a year. The on/off switch just broke. Nevertheless I am buying another because it has just the right size and function that I want. It is easy to fill and is lightweight, which is important if your hands are a bit weak with arthritis. It was used a lot so I guess one year of constant use is OK for the price.

I have had my electric kettle now for 4 months. I still love it and still have.

Cheap, fast but imparts a plastic smell and flavor to the water, December 29, 2010
Paul (SF Bay Area, CA)
Although I've owned this kettle for several years I stopped using it shortly after purchasing because the water boiled in the kettle has an off-flavor. I've done all kinds of things to try to clean the kettle but it seems to be due to the materials used in its constructions. It's inexpensive and fast but I'm sorry to say that it's now in the trash. I'd like my teas and coffees to taste the way they're meant to taste and if I go to the trouble of filtering my water I see no point in boiling it in this kettle.

Safety hazard!, July 26, 2014
Griffin Thomas Smith
Terrible product! I bought this after my other electric kettle went out. The cord is a hassle to take out/ put it (my previous kettle connected to a base). If you fill to close to the fill line it boils over and out of the kettle. VERY DANGEROUS! The worst part is that it doesn't always shut off when done. So it will boil until dry if I do not shut it off.

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