Espresso Tamper 50 & 60 Mm Sizes Cast Alloy Hand Coffee

Espresso Tamper 50 & Hand Coffee

Product Description

Description: This sleek cast aluminum alloy Coffee Tamper fits beautifully in the hand. This was designed by a professional barista to tamp down espresso. You will love it in your kitchen or coffee bar and it also makes an ideal gift for the discerning coffee drinker!! One side is 50mm the other is 58mm

Color: aluminum

Content: cast aluminum alloy

Measurements: 50mm top diameter and 58 mm diameter on the other side, and 2.75" (69.85 mm)tall

Care: Hand or dishwasher safe

Origin: China

Product Features

  • Cast aluminum alloy
  • 2" Diameter (top), 2 1/4" Diameter (bottom) x 2 7/8" H
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews

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Tamps well, January 11, 2008
Steven Smith (Boulder, CO United States)
I have a DeLonghi EC155 and the smaller size fits very nicely for tamping. It is able to hold over 50 lbs of pressure with no problem. I used the tamping method from Good Eats, where you put 50lbs of pressure, then twist.

Does what it's supposed to do, September 17, 2007
A. D. Sian (Glendale, CA)
I have looked everywhere for a tamper that would fit Saeco Aroma for a sensible price, but 53mm tampers were either too expensive or just unavailable. Although this one doesn't fit properly, the small end of it covers about 90% of the basket. Overall, I'm happy with it. It's a temporary solution. Tamper brand or construction is not a huge variable in the resulting quality of an espresso shot. You might at well use something out of the hardware store as long as it tamps the loose grounds well enough. This is why I am skeptical of tampers that cost 50-100 dollars. If RSVP Terry tamper fits your basket's proportions you should consider it.

Not a tamper for you if you want the best tasting espresso., October 16, 2009
John Harris (Littleton Colorado)
Yes, 1 star! I would go less if I could. While yes, this could be a step up from the cheapo plastic tamps that arrive with your machine, it is a very small step, and in some cases a step backwards. I invite you to consider saving up a little longer and getting a better tamper. The "Rosewood" brand tampers are a knockoff of the industry standard Reg Barber, and are just over $20 here on Amazon. They are proof that you don't need to spend $70 if you are a home user that is not pulling hundreds of shots a day.

You really do need a tamper that is sized to properly fit your porta-filter, or your pulls WILL suffer. Measure the inside of the filter and buy accordingly. The pressurized water will go the path of least resistance, and if you tamper is too small, you will over extract the outside edge and under extract the middle. The result is a shot with little to no body and bitter. Did I mention bitter? A good tamper makes a HUGE difference.

Being flat on both ends.

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