BUNN BCF100-B 100-Count Basket Filter

BUNN BCF100-B 100-Count Basket Filter

Product Description

The BUNN BCF100B 100-Count Coffee and Tea Filters are specially designed to work with BUNN brewers. The selection of coffee filters is a vital step in brewing perfect coffee. BUNN manufactures the best filters from high quality, heavy weight paper and are uniquely designed for strength. Preventing overflow and grounds in your coffee, they are 1/4-inch taller than other filters to allow for the quick flow of water into the brew funnel and the needed mixing action for complete, even extraction.

Product Features

  • Home-brewer filters made of 100-percent pure virgin fiber
  • Continuously checked for proper porosity, flowrate, and structure
  • Produced for freshness and purity; designed to eliminate overflow
  • 100-percent biodegradable box and filters; FDA approved
  • Measure 2-3/4 by 3 inches

Customer Reviews

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Best for your Bunn!, December 27, 2002
William Taber (United States)
This is the only filter to use with your Bunn 10-cup pourover coffee brewer. The store-brands and the Mr. Coffee brand filters are not tall enough to properly contain the grounds in the basket, due to the superior sprayer nozzle found on the Bunn coffee brewers.

The ONLY filter to use in your Bunn, January 20, 2004
Matthew Hunter "Technology Geek" (Blacksburg, VA United States)
Because I can't find Bunn filters at any of my local stores, I've tried several other brands - trying to find one that would adequately replace the Bunn filter. My final conclusion - there aren't any.
Aside from the fact that some other coffee filters leave a papery taste in your coffee, there's another important reason to get these filters. Bunn coffee brewers can brew a whole pot of coffee in 3 minutes. To do this, they need to push a large amount of water through the grounds in a short period of time. Other coffee filters were not designed to support this high flow-rate. With filters like Mr. Coffee, my Bunn's filter basket will occasionally overflow during the brew process - spilling coffee and grounds all over my counter. Other brands are too short and grounds manage to get over the filter, and then down into the coffee pot.
If you have a Bunn coffee maker, then you *need* Bunn filters.
Tip for Canadians: You can buy coffee filters at your local Tim Hortons.

Why you need these for a Bunn coffee machine...., March 14, 2004
Gorito (New Jersey, United States)
If you own a Bunn coffee maker, then you either love it or hate it. The difference is likely due to the coffee filters you use. You *must* use Bunn brand filters for any of their 10 cup brewing machines. Here's why:
-These 2.75 x 3" filters are uniquely designed for Bunn machines. They are almost 10% taller than other filters. If you try brewing coffee w/ another brand of filter (which is shorter), you will probably end up w/ filter overflow and nasty grounds in your coffee. Which is what some people don't understand when they complain of coffee grounds in their mug.
-In addition, these filters are made from "special paper grade...[for] optimum extraction of coffee's taste" and are "oxygen processed for better coffee flavor."
I don't think they cost significantly more than other filters and are well worth buying. In fact, I will never use anything else in my Bunn BT10-B. However, they can be difficult to find in most grocery stores. I.

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